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This price does not include the $7 monthly fee or the cell phone service.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing a phone is only available for students of the schools that work with us.

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Can anyone purchase a kPhone?

Unfortunately, only students at the schools we work with can purchase a phone with us.

How much does kPhone cost?

There is a one time set-up fee of $25, plus $7 a month per device, paid by either the parents or the school.

The device itself can either be purchased through us, or you can bring your existing iPhone.

Does kPhone work with any phone?

The kPhone system is compatible with iPhones only. We do not work with Android at this time.

Can kPhone be installed on the students’ existing phones?

Yes, we can install our system on to previously purchased iPhones or students can purchase new phones directly from our website. Bulk purchasing is also available.

How do the students request new apps and receive support?

We are available via email, WhatsApp, and phone for all technical support. When students request that an app or feature be added to their kPhones, we inform the school administration and they decide whether or not to allow it.

Will kPhone have access to my personal information?

We do not have access to see or edit any personal information (such as pictures and messages) on the devices. We do have access to some basic information about the devices which we use to report to the school to make sure the devices are being used properly.

Does kPhone come with phone service?

No, you need to purchase a sim card and cell phone service separately. Please note that some schools require you to purchase from specific providers.

What happens when the students leave school?

There are different settings that apply during vacation. Most schools offer an alumni plan too, which allows students to continue using kPhone even after they graduate.

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