Managing student’s devices used to be a challenge.

Not Anymore.

The first product designed to help

Jewish schools manage their students devices.

“kPhone is the premier tool for schools to limit their student’s technology habits in a worry free, convenient way”

Dr. Eli Shapiro, Ed.D, LCSW

The Problem

In todays tech driven world, it has become increasingly difficult to prevent and manage student technology ownership. Devices unmonitored and unchecked can result in aggressive screen time and exposure to unwanted content. Parents are increasingly calling on schools to help them with this issue. We wondered, what if schools could provide their students with a phone that met the standards of both the school and the parents?

The Solution

Thats why we created kPhone.

kPhone is the revolutionary new solution to allow schools to manage their students devices in a simple, foolproof system. We provide each of your students with an identical, kosher iPhone with the “kPhone” system on it.

How It Works


kPhone is completely customizable to your school’s standards and needs. You choose the apps, settings and features that will be allowed on your student’s kPhone.


You tell us what you want, we make it happen. No frustration, there is no need for you to constantly be monitoring your student’s devices. We do that for you!


Your parent body will be thrilled that their school is partnering with them and providing an affordable system that truly works.


In addition to keeping student’s technology safe, kPhone teaches them digital responsibility that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Three Simple Steps.


Choose Your Settings

We work together with you to customize the settings and create a plan that fits your school’s needs.


Choose Your Device

kPhone can be run on any iPhone or iPad – We provide the devices at competitive prices. In addition, we manage payments directly with the parents, so you don’t have to.


Breath a Sigh of Relief

Thats it! We take it from there. You can cross this off your list and get back to doing what you do best- running your school.

What are you waiting for?

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Pricing Plans

(Not including the cost of the phone)



Per Student, Per Month

Custom set up for your school
24/7 Monitoring
All Payments made directly with the parents

What makes kPhone the best Kosher Phone on the Market?

Find out what sets us apart.


Built by the guys who broke through every other filter, kPhone is striving to be the most kosher solution possible.

Remote Management

All updates and app requests are done remotely, there is never a need to bring your kPhone into a store.

24/7 Monitoring

We are constantly checking each device to make sure it is performing as it should.


We are always available if you have any question. Just send us a message!

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Or, call us at +1-833-856-7437 (83-38-KOSHER)